About Us

Our Story


     I came up with the idea of Simplisme after I had my baby girl, by looking at the parents and families
around me. They never had the time nor the energy to go shopping and find clothes, furniture or
toys for their kids.

It was impossible to find an online shop
selling all the top designer brands for children.
That’s how Simplisme was born!

Almost 2 years later, our concept store has become a major reference of children-
related products. I see how families are evolving, they become bigger, the same concept of ‘family’
takes a new meaning.
Today, what we use to call family, has become more of a tribe: stepfamilies, friends - any kind of
bond is important to us and we want to make sure to meet the needs of everyone. 
That's why our offer now extends to women's fashion and beauty cares.

Today, we identify as a complete
Paristylish Concept Store.

And while our catalogue may have grown considerably, we are still guided by the same principles:
finding designers we love and making their creations accessible to everybody by delivering our
products to every family.